Funky Golf

Hey All,

Sorry for the length of time since my last post, but very good things have been happening for ‘The Way Out’ and ‘the Books’, and we will have some big announcements about it very soon. For now, suffice it to say, our team is stronger than it’s ever been, and we can’t wait to start playing concerts, and showing y’all what we’ve been building over the last few years.

Here’s the studio after those two amazing storms in February.

I shoveled my roof soon after this picture was taken, since i’m afraid it was going to cave in under the weight. Over three days we got about 40 inches of snow.

While snowed in I watched every tape in our fairly sizable collection of golf instructional videos, about 30 videos in all. It was quite a trance inducing activity, and although I am not a better golfer, I can certainly boast the best collection of golf related samples perhaps the world has ever seen. There’s a track on the new record that is about as close to straight out funk as we will probably ever get, and i’m finding that there is something very compelling about the combination of funk and golf. here are a few stills from the video i’m working on…

yeah, there was one tennis video in there, too.  I love red herrings.

more soon!



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of the band 'The Books' and 'Zammuto'
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