Gene Back

Hey All, 

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Gene Back, who will be touring with us in the fall as well as a few US dates this summer.  We met Gene while working on a record for cellist Zack Miskin last year (more on this when it is released) and quickly realized he is one of the nicest fellows on earth, apart from being a multi-instrumental genius.  He’ll be playing violin, keyboards (triggering samples we’ve designed), acoustic/electric guitar, bass, and occasionally singing, sometimes all at once, so it would appear. 

We had a blast rehearsing with him during the weeks leading up to the Communikey Festival in Boulder Colorado, where he debuted in our show last Friday night.  Here’s a photo from before the show at the Fox Theater.  Gene is on the left and on the right is our engineer/tour manager Brendon Downey, who we could not do without.

The show in Boulder was a life altering one.  Kate Lesta did a visionary job curating and organizing the festival, which in many ways reminded me of the Big Ears Festival we recently performed at in Knoxville TN, both in concept and spirit.  Shows like this really make me feel like we’re a part of something important, and the audience in Boulder were as warm as they were strange and beautiful. 

Also a very warm thanks to Sue and Eric and all at Mass Moca for graciously hosting our run-throughs last week.  This was our third mini-residency at Mass Moca and we could not ask for a better home base.  Here’s a shot from our trial runs at Mass Moca’s B-10 theater last Wednesday:

Best and thanks for reading!



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