Book Odds: 2010 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge


We have teamed up with the one-of-a-kind Third Coast Festival to challenge anyone brave, smart or foolish enough to create a radio documentary up to three minutes long which includes a set of samples and titles that we have provided. Samples, guidelines and all other info can be found here:

The deadline is July 5th, so as I write this there are still 28 days to go, which comes to less than 6.5 seconds a day if you want to fill the entire 3 minutes.
That doesn’t seem too hard if you think of it that way, does it now?
Hah! Think again.

There are some awesome incentives to get your creative juices flowing and digital chops choppin’:

All submissions will be posted and live permanently on the Third Coast’s site.
Many will air on their weekly radio show Re:sound.
Many will be featured at listening events around the world.

Four Book Odds will be selected by the Third Coast and the Books as the 2010 ShortDocs – producers of these win a trip to Chicago (all expenses paid) to present them (we’ll be there to shake your hand and carry you around on our shoulders, lower backs allowing) at the opening session of the Third Coast Conference in Chicago, October 28-30.

We’ve already heard some great and completely unexpected submissions!
Go for it!!!

Regards, Paul


About zammuto

of the band 'The Books' and 'Zammuto'
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