The Way Out – Out!

Hey All!

The day has officially arrived (although it unofficially arrived about a week ago, as many of you know!)  The whole record is streaming from NPR:

Please comment on the NPR site, we’re all really curious to see what you think. 

Here’s what I think:

It’s our best record so far, and I mean that in the most humble way.  Making it tested our limits on so many levels: to see it finally come to fruition is extremely satisfying.  I think many will be taken aback by some of the textures and content of this record, since it largely departs from the pastoral ‘folktronica’ of past records, but for us it was a necessary departure.  After five years off, we wanted to make a record that carved out new territory for us, made us question our own aesthetics and left a larger frontier to explore later.  To do this, and at the same time make a record that was meaningful (and listenable) was the goal. 

I’ve been thinking about frontiers a lot recently.  It seems that they are a basic human need… to have a sense that there is room to play.  Watching my boys grow up is a compelling reminder that at one point in our lives the world was 100% frontier.  I think a big part of my attraction to wierd music is trying reclaim this childhood sense.  Of course, historically, the allure of the frontier has also been a big part of the ethos of this country, but in smaller ways i see frontiers are absolutely everywhere.  A tiny step off the recommended course reveals entire worlds of unexplored territory.  I think the willingness to go there probably makes the difference between those who will get this record and those who will dismiss it.  Fine with me!

Anyway, please let us know what tracks are your favorites, we’re trying to put together our fall set-lists and we’re open to suggestions…




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