New Track: Groan Man, Don’t Cry

Hey All,

Thanks so much for the great response to YAY! Here’s a ‘working version’ the second track: ‘Groan Man, Don’t Cry’ from the new project. It will be available for 48 hrs here:

and here:

The organ theme in this track originally came from a soundtrack I did for a film about Haitian Voodoo, called Achante – Lives of the Saints, by Emily McMehen and Geoffrey Sautner of Mazibel films. It will be appearing in film festivals worldwide this year, with a soundtrack release to follow soon after… i’ll blog about this more in a couple days

Please feel free to repost the mp3 and otherwise share. Can’t wait to take the new band out… more music very soon, lots in the works,




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of the band 'The Books' and 'Zammuto'
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2 Responses to New Track: Groan Man, Don’t Cry

  1. scott lucey says:

    Love it love it! Would you mind answering a couple of questions I’d like to have accompany a short post for my radio station’s website? ( – I’ve played your 48hr track and introduced some of your solo music and would love to direct people here from our stations site…

  2. kurblot says:

    I am so frickin’ frackin’ excited about this album.

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