Upcoming Performance with Jason Treuting and Janus Trio

Here’s a video about what Jason (from So Percussion) and I are developing for our ‘Ecstatic Music Festival’ performance at Merkin Hall in NYC on Feb. 23.

ECSTATIC MUSIC FESTIVAL – NICK ZAMMUTO AND JASON TREUTING (with Janus, Daisy Press, and Grey McMurray) from steve taylor on Vimeo.

I’ve been in love with So Percussion since their incredible record ‘Amid the Noise’ came out in 2006.  So I jumped at the chance to work with Jason Treuting.  We’ll be doing a few new laser and video based tracks at the show, as well as the crazy 3/2 drum thing that he’s teaching me in this video.  Right now I’m working on a video called ‘The Greatest Autoharp Solo of All Time’ which we will also debut at the show.

Also, I’m working with The Janus trio on a new video based song called ‘The Fig and the Finger’.  I’ll post samples of all of these works in progress later this week.

Thanks for taking a look!



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